About Us


We've Been Thriving for 5 Years in the area of Innovative Technology

Server Zero Technologies Limited is registered Information/Communication Technology Services provider focusing on using available technological resources to innovate and solve real-life problems with focus on societal improvement.

We are a growing technology company aim at improving grassroots use of technology by innovation in software development and general ICT in the field education, administration, manufacturing and diverse fields our innovations could drive us to.

Our Aim is to ensure that your software conform to your activities and has the latest innovation in cutting-edge technologies.


Our History

Founded by then group of students in the university who taught it wise to share their knowledge of software development among ourselves, we tried to develop solutions to help us learn better in school and connect various group on campus, we evolved in to developing cutting-solutions beyond the school environment, become one of the most influential tech company within the state and now pioneering solutions in the country and continent.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to a tech-driven society
  • To optimize living standards
  • To enhance cross-disciplinary projects
  • To pioneer high-tech solutions
  • To encourage local content generation
  • To increase tech opportunities for artisans
  • To simplify entry into the techcosystem
  • To support digitization of contents
  • To promote tech culture in youngsters
  • To improve software supported researches
  • To increase ICT awareness

Who we are

  • We use the latest technologies
  • We adopted best practices
  • We are innovative
  • We improvise to attain success
  • We use world class standards
  • We are timely
  • We offer International coverage
  • We us best alternatives
  • We value customer satisfaction
  • We give ultimate customer support
  • We have ever expanding scope


Make your business more competitive and sustainable.

We make your business stand-out by continually improving your processes and updating our deployed solution to top market value.

  • Influencing Sales
  • Generating Insights
  • Engaging Customer
  • Boosting Operations

Do what matters and we'll handle the back office routine.

Yes, a lot more could be automated than you can imagine, just focus on your growth and expansion strategy and we automate the processes for you.

  • Fully Support
  • Reliable & Cost Effective
  • Dedicated Developers
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction








Meet Our Team

Comprised of experts from different field, we put together a strong team of dedicate individual to produce best results.

Jabi, Enoch

Developer and Marketing Lead