Ola Stephen Onuh, CEO of Server Zero Technologies, Spearheads Empowering Tech Training in Northern Nigeria

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering technological innovation and empowering young minds, Ola Stephen Onuh, the CEO of Server Zero Technologies Limited, took the lead in Northern Nigeria during the 2022 Creative Technology Programme organized by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA). This remarkable endeavor, conducted in December 2022, witnessed the training of approximately 3,000 young individuals, including a significant number of University of Abuja (UofA) students, in the fields of Animation, Gaming, and Augmented Reality.

Mr. Onuh's vision and dedication were instrumental in bringing together a consortium of partners for this initiative, including Ascend Studios Foundation and trainers from Guez Show Rwanda. This collaborative effort marked a milestone in the promotion of creative technology education in Northern Nigeria.

The 2022 Creative Technology Programme aimed to bridge the technology skills gap and provide young people with the knowledge and tools required to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Participants were exposed to cutting-edge training modules, equipping them with practical skills and expertise in Animation, Gaming, and Augmented Reality.

The inclusion of University of Abuja students in this program underscored the commitment of Mr. Onuh and his partners to support local talent and contribute to the growth of the tech ecosystem in Nigeria. By nurturing the creative and technological potential of the youth, this initiative not only empowers individuals but also fuels economic development and innovation within the region.

Speaking about his involvement in the program, Ola Stephen Onuh expressed his enthusiasm for the impact it can have on the future of technology in Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of collaboration among industry leaders, educational institutions, and government agencies to create meaningful opportunities for young talent.

The success of the 2022 Creative Technology Programme is a testament to the vision and dedication of Ola Stephen Onuh and his partners. Their efforts have not only empowered thousands of young Nigerians but have also laid the foundation for a vibrant and dynamic tech ecosystem in Northern Nigeria, with the potential to drive innovation and economic growth for years to come.