Virtual/Augument Reality

One of the biggest advancements in video technology that has become mainstream is Virtual Reality. What is Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality or VR for short, is an immersive, three-dimensional computer-generated environment where a user can interact with a digital world. The potential for leveraging virtual reality for business is virtually limitless. Whether you are looking to create a compelling video or photo experience for your users, SZT’s Virtual Reality Services will ensure that your media meets today’s virtual standards.


Considering the potential for creativity, most businesses can leverage Virtual Reality through photos. Unlike traditional 2D photos, utilizing VR through photos opens the door for users to explore an immersive photo experience. Full VR panoramas is one of the most popular forms of VR photos and provides a breathtaking, 360° view of your environment whether that be indoors or out. SZT’s can also include interactive hotspots within your VR photos for users to learn more.