On-screen Marking

In onscreen marking, one-time scanning eliminates the physical handling of the answer sheets. For physical answer sheet evaluation examiners need to travel to the respective exam centers for answer sheet evaluation. Onscreen marking removes this constraint, as examiners can evaluate the answer sheet from any location.


  1. The proposal is for Onscreen Marking (OSM) Solutions. The objective is to improve the safety, reliability and quality of marking examinations.
  2. The document is based on the information obtained from the trusted sources.
  3. The objectives would be to enhance reliable and quality marking, more efficient use of examiner skill sets, an increase in the speed of marking, reduce the risks associated with transporting exam scripts between centers and examiners, reduce the risks associated with the influence of a single examiner marking a whole exam script, real-time monitoring of marking progress and continual monitoring of marking quality
  4. The Optimization will be done in a strategic step by step OSM management process.
  5. Reduces the risk associate with of direct contact with paper used by other persons in curbing the spread of likely infectious disease such as COVID-19.
  6. The complete process solely depends on the features that are to be implemented on the OSM solution and resources made available but certainly not exceeding 4 weeks (1 month).
  7. We offer a scanning capacity of over 15,000 scripts daily (24 hours)
  8. The estimated cost of the complete project is presented in The Cost Estimates.
  9. The design of the proposed OSM software will be flexible to changes depending on our clients’ preferences.
  10. The OSM software will be done by a professional team of dedicated & experienced staff. Our Team has handled innovative brands image processing technologies, Enterprise Management and Education Technologies.